Non-Angling Activities



While fly-fishing is the main activity pursued by our guests, this pristine slice of paradise has much more to offer. Snorkeling and kayaking the turquoise waters, hiking and biking along our 25 miles of private beaches and coves, touring the mangrove lagoons and the Mayan ruins, or simply indulging in a massage and a day of relaxation are just a few possibilities. All activities are personally tailored to suit guest schedules.


Snorkel and Swimming Excursion

CBAug (21 of 100)_resizeUnforgettable snorkeling is just minutes from the lodge, among the coral gardens and colorful fish of the Palancar reef. The world’s second largest barrier reef system, the Palancar sits just offshore but is a world all it’s own. Snorkel sets and fins available by request.

Sea Kayaks and Canoes

Casa Blanca Sea KayakingTandem sea kayaks are available for cruising the turquoise waters out to the reef or along the coast on calm days. Canoes and single-man kayaks are available for exploring the calmer waters of the Santa Rosa Lagoon, where prolific birdlife can be observed taking flight or among the mangroves.

Ruins Tour

CBAug (96 of 100)_resizeThe island of Punta Pájaros is home to two Mayan Ruins, Chac Mool and Tupac. Once a commercial port of strategic importance,  Chac Mool is a complex sporting multiple buildings with striking columns, located just five minute’s walk from Playa Blanca. Tupac is a small ruin that rises out of the waters of the Santa Rosa Lagoon and is reachable only by canoe or kayak.

Eco Tour

Magnificent Frigatebird (Fregata magnificens)The Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve surrounding the island is rich and diverse. Eco-tours are a wonderful way to experience it. Guests head out with a knowledgeable guide into the bays and lagoons of the biosphere. A trip through the bays may yield sightings of turtles, dolphin, manatee, rays and starfish, to name a few. In the mangrove studded lagoons they may visit magnificent frigate rookeries, see nesting roseate spoonbills and reddish egrets, spy the tiny pygmy kingfisher, or startle a Morelet’s crocodile sunning itself on the sand.


Casa Blanca BikingBicycles are available by request to explore our 18 kilometers of oceanfront road. The sandy road is fringed by coconut palms and dense jungle, where wildlife is abundant. Deer and small grey fox are common sightings, as are golden-fronted woodpeckers, bright orange orioles, and dusky chachalacas.

Massage and Relaxation

Casa Blanca RelaxWhether you have kinks from fishing hard all day, or just want to unwind and relax, our lodge masseuse can help. Professionally trained with many years experience, our masseuse is available at any time for a modest fee.
For those looking for relaxation, there are many comfortable niches and hammocks strung about the grounds where guests may sip cold cocktails, read a book from our library or doze in the shade.