Casa and Playa Blanca Fishing Report Oct. 31-Nov. 7

9:28 am , January 25, 2016 0

Not the easiest weather week with intermittent storms and gray skies, but anglers at both lodges took advantage of the good windows to find fish, and all species were caught. At Playa Blanca our annual couple’s week with Jackson Streit and Mountain Angler out of Breckenridge was a success. Snook were especially plentiful in the southern bay this week, bonefish and tarpon markedly less so. Permit were their normal finicky selves, with plenty of shots throughout the week for those who sought them out, and a few to hand for the lucky and the skilled. At Casa Blanca RMAC splinter group with Angler Adventures with us once again for their annual tourney to compete for the Reel Man award and bragging rights, which this year went to Pete S. Among the highlights of the tourney were a beautiful first permit for Bob B and one epic day of bone-fishing, with one boat catching and releasing over 60. The home flat was productive this week for bones, and jacks and tarpon were hooked nightly off the pier. Here’s a photo of the ever lovely Rebecca D. with her 4th and largest permit to date, with guide Andrés at his secret spot in Espíritu Santo. Rebecca actually spied this fish herself at very close range while Andres was scanning farther afield, at her exclamation he deftly swung the boat around and seconds later it was fish on pretty much right at the boat, which made for a very visual eat-and a very happy angler!

Andres & Rebecca Permit

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