Casa and Playa Blanca Lodge Fishing Report April 25-May 2

6:00 am , May 3, 2015 0

Weather started out fair with winds from the southeast and good visibility. Midweek, winds shifted from the northeast and lowered temps a little bit, bringing some welcome relief from the heat of the previous weeks but also cloudy skies and a bit of precipitation. The north wind was a challenge, especially in Ascension Bay. Despite the more challenging conditions, permit sightings-and catchings- grew almost exponentially over the week, with anglers the last two days reporting large numbers, mostly in schools of larger fish and not overly spooky, acting decidedly un-permit like. They appear to be staging up to spawn over the May full moon as well, which falls on the 3rd. One high note from the week was the permit caught on a house-tied floating crab off the rocks in front of Casa Blanca by Ted M, it’s not often we get them on top! Permit tally for the week, 27, with 6 grand slams and 2 super grand slams. In A Bay this week anglers ran into and jumped several migratory tarpon in the 80 pound range.

IMG_5361 IMG_1958

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