Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report April 07-14 2018

10:33 am , April 29, 2018 0

Returning to Casa Blanca last week was a bicycle gang from Jackson Hole, WY. whom enjoy their fly rods as much as their pedals. Jack, Chad, Elliot, John, Jim and Terry arrived on Saturday with their gear in hand and their ever present box of dominos under Terrys arm. Rounding out the attendance at Casa was Jaques, Jack B., Randy and Beau whom all traveled to the Yucatan from New Caanan, CT. The week began with winds blowing from the Southeast and slowly turned to dead South at 12 to 15mph. The heavy cloud cover for most of the week made it difficult to chase Permit so most of the Casa crowd stuck to Bonefishing and searching out Tarpon. All of those in attendance at Casa had slow days and big days. At the end of the week several anglers boasted double digit bonefish days and over a dozen Tarpon were released as well.

Down the sand road at Playa Blanca we welcomed a father and son team from Milan, Italy. Fiori and Nik left there boot shaped home looking for one thing, Permit. Fiori got the duo off to a quick start during tough conditions with a Permit release on day one. Joining the Italians were a crew from San Francisco. John, Paul, George and Ringo…ooops I mean Mark. The took to Ebay just looking to put a bend in the rod. The fantastic four whooped up on big bones all week and John lead the guys by banging a grand slam, Paul boated his first Snook ever and George threw in a good day with two Tarpon releases.  Returning from Dubois, WY was Danny, Preston, and Carry with his wife Missy. The young gun of the quartet registered his first Grand Slam and released a Tarpon tipping the scales at over 40 lbs. Carry and Missy put a bend in the rod with most species and Dan Canale released 2 Permit in very marginal conditions. Last but not least was Dori and John from London. The two Anglers from accross the pond put in several hours searching for the elusive Permit but had to settle for sticking a bunch of Bones. Thank you to everyone from this past week for fighting through the clouds and enjoying a week of Yucatan fly fishing.

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