Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report April 14-21 2018

1:12 pm , May 11, 2018 0

It was a Island full of Jackson hole folks last week on Punta Pajaros. Our good friends from World Cast Outfitters were back at Playa Blanca and up the road at Casa we enjoyed the company of Smitty and gang. Day one of the fishing week began with terrible conditions. A mid April rainstorm moved in providing some early season thunder and lightning and the winds howled in unison to the clouds covering up both bays. The middle of the fishing days brought with them a switch in the wind direction to the North/Northeast which made things a little challenging in Ascension but  provided Playa and E Bay exactly what they were looking for. Between the two bays a South wind is favorable for A Bay and a North wind flattens out E Bay.

Casa Blanca played hosts to a hand full of friends from Jackson that consisted of Rod and Alice, Jamie, Steve, Cal, Curt, Tim and Smitty.  The Anglers from WY. Mainly took to Santa Rosa Lagoon to put a bend in the rod due to the fishing conditions early in the week and the North wind to finish the week. The entire crew enjoyed success putting a bend in the rod with bonefish and casting to juvenile Tarpon. Cal and Smitty selected a few choice hours to target Permit and Smitty boated having one of the best Permit sessions he has ever had. He was able to consistently cast at Permit for the entire afternoon but couldn’t make his adversary eat. At Playa Blanca the North wind laid the Bay down flat and for the first time this year the guides began to see large Tarpon moving down the Oceanside. The World Cast crew consisted of Mike D., Whitney, Davey G., David Whitney, Andrew, Mike and Suzanne and John Scott. The gang all managed to enjoy some good Permit action with a few personal bests as well. Andrew boated his first Grand Slam and Suzanne was all smiles when releasing her first Palometa over 20 pounds. This specimen was guesstimated at over 30!!!! The story of the week was the emergence of large Oceanside Tarpon. Mike D. Hooked a big boy on his Permit set up but enjoyed a few leaps before popping him off, Whitney had a great day consistently throwing the Silver King in the air for a few hours and John Scott got in on the action as well. As I sit and write this it is flat calm over my right shoulder and I have watched the Big Poons roll by the point at Casa Blanca with the rising sun this morning. Nexts weeks report will let you know if they big boys cooperated. Thank you to everyone for a great week now onto May!

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