Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report April 28 – May 05 2018

1:21 pm , May 11, 2018 0

The last week of April provided a week with mixed conditions. The week began with a huge full moon and the fish seemed to move out of the Bays. The beginning of the week displayed moderate winds but the clouds refused to recede. As the week progressed the wind stayed out of the East at a steady 8 to 10 knots and the Sun emerged making for some electric action in Espiritu Santo Bay as well as Ascension Bay.

The crew at Playa this week consisted of returning Angler Bob Campbell with his wife Charlotte. Bob brought a few friends with him which consisted of Bob Viers, Dwain, Steve, George & Karen, Scott & Rita and Brian Ferguson. Steve got things started in a hurry on Sunday with a couple Permit releases while the rest of the Anglers put a bend in the rod with multiple Bonefish. The bonefishing stayed consistent and the Tarpon that had made a strong appearance the last few weeks on the Oceanside continued to swim the shoreline. George stuck his first Permit mid-week while Charlotte put a Silver King in the air and Brian F. notched 2 personal firsts with a Snook and a Tarpon. The group of Anglers ended the week with constant Bonefish action.

Casa Blanca was alive with action this past week while Oliver White hosted an annual fishing excursion with a jovial gang from Houston.   The renegades from Texas consisted of Barry Young, Russell, John Barr,  Jeff (Smitty) Smith, Chris Marks, Scott Weber, Lucky Louis Grant, Stephen Smith, Phillip Sampson, Corby, Brady, David Buck and Tiny Dancer ( David Hartland. From the get go it was apparent that this Oliver White hosted collection of Anglers was in the Yucatan to fish hard and have a blast doing so.  The week began with some tough conditions and the search for the mighty Palometa began. The Permit seemed to have moved on the lunar phase. Corby and Oliver did managed to feed 2 Black Tails but failed to come tight. As the week continued and the hermit crab races led to an in house Marachi band the scorpions began to emerge. John Barr, Smitty, Barry and Sweet Lou all ingested the Casa tradition after releasing Permit. The group from Houston kept the entire staff laughing and had as much fun off the water as on! Thank you to all the Anglers from last week and we hope to see you in the future…

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