Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report December 01 – 08 2018

8:31 am , December 19, 2018 0

The first week of December brought with it promises of clear, sunny skies and mild winds to start our winter offwith many of opportunities to put a bend in the rod. As the Anglers arrived to the airstrip the sun was high and the wind blew from the Southeast. This trend continued throughout the week but Mother Nature threw a rainout at us on Thursday after providing stellar conditions the day before.

                Returning to Playa Blanca was the annual Dwulet Memorial Group. The boys are a mix of San Francisco and Portland Oregon Anglers and come via Yellowdog Flyfishing to try their luck in Espirito Santo Bay.The crew consists of Jim,Greg,Scott,Nick,Tony,John M., Lee, Dave L., SteveVoss, Dave G., Harry, John P., Tom K. And Ron. The week started with some smaller Permit showing up and taking the fly offered by Nick on the first day. The rest of the crew put a bend in the rod with large bonefish. Scott followed up the next day with another Bambino Permit but Tony released 2 more the next day. Tuesday provided some lighter winds and Jim andRon were able to knock their first Tarpon off their bucket lists. The winds picked up at the end of the week and made conditions tough although Tony had a big boy Permit on for awhile before breaking him off on Friday. Up the road at Casa we had first timers Jack and Edwho joined us. Jack and Ed brought with them a never ending desire to learn anda great attitude full of smiles and laughter all week. The duo took to Ascension with guide Pato leading the way but were unable to coerce a Permit into taking the fly. The Anglers did have fun retreating from the wind up the rivers toPato´s secret Snook spots and put a licking on the Linesiders all week. Thanks to all the Anglers who kicked off December with us and we look forward to seeing you next year.

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