Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report December 03-09 2017

2:50 pm , December 10, 2017 0

The first week of December was a Saturday to Saturday that provided stormy weather, a handful of personal firsts and an amazing finale. The Dwulet Memorial Group returned to Playa Blanca after fishing last year and the gang from Yellowdog Fly Fishing spread the love amongst all the major species. The week started slow with minimal Permit shots but provided intense Bonefishing and steady Snook action. The tailing Bones were found in good numbers by guide Rene and anglers Jim Eddy and John Von Schlegel in Santa Rosa.

The boys patience was tested in the middle of the week with morning thunder storms but as mother nature taketh, mother nature giveth and she bestowed upon the anglers electric Permit action to end the week. The ending box scores went as follows, Greg McCoy boats his first Permit, Loyd lands 3 Permit including his first, Tom sticks 5 for the week including his first, Henry 2 Permit including his first, Dave and Tom took 4 on the final day. Huey released his first and two more and last but not least 17 Permit releases on the last day. Enough Said! Thanks guys and Yellowdog for a great trip.

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