Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report Feb. 7-14

1:35 pm , March 22, 2015 0

A beautiful weather week with varied winds. The first few days of the week were exceptionally calm with the water approaching glass status, super visual but spooky fishing where extreme stealth was necessary. Wind strength increased a little bit each day. Good visibility with lots of sun all week. Great groups at both lodges and the opening week of the annual hosted trip by Stonefly Inn out of Twin Bridges, MT.  Many of those who sought permit and stuck with it enjoyed success, the week started strong with lots of shots but slowed some as the week progressed. Bonefish were plentiful as always. There were some very good tarpon days and several slower days, with several fish in the 30-40lb range, some nice snook caught as well. Here’s good client Richard H with his nicest tarpon of the trip.





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