Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report February 10-17 2018

8:08 am , February 22, 2018 0

Valentines week on the Yucatan provided marginal conditions with Mother Nature playing tough love. The winds continued out of the East and ramped up to 22 knots throughout the week but the sunshine did peek through and turned Monday, Thursday and Friday into opportunistic adventures.

Casa Blanca welcomed back very good friends of the lodge Sunny, Scott, Everett and Caroline and had the pleasure of hosting Jim and Jane from Minneapolis. The crew at Casa have all spent many of years fishing the flats wherever they can be found and took to the backcountry most of the week to elude the winds and search out some fine bonefishing. Jane was the newcomer of the bunch and held her own at her new passion releasing fish on fly all week. Bonefish was the name of the game this week and the team at Casa wore them out. Sunny and Scott pronounced Wednesday as their best Bonefishing Day ever and thats saying something for the duo that have been bending the rod together for 70 years. Jim and Jane mixed in some adventure taking to the small Tarpon Lagoon skiff to explore the Mayan ruin Tupac while casting at huge Barracuda in the shadows of the Mayan temple. Everett and Caroline were in town from their own fishing lodge in New Brunswick, Canada and took to the water with their old friend guide David. The couple were all smiles as usual and enjoyed their week sticking big bones.

Playa Blanca opened the doors to a Punta Pajaros regular this week, Mr. Rooster Leavens and his band of merry men. Rooster and gang come to the Island with one thing in mind, Permit. The fisherman pushed through the winds and took advantage of the sunny episodes. Nick from Salt Lake and Mike from Texas successfully released a double header in the middle of the week. Two Permit at the same time is a feat that is extremely difficult but was accomplished. Henry and Mary in from San Francisco enjoyed their time on the island releasing Bones and Snook throughout the week and Justin from Tennessee stuck his first ever Permit and a big Snook. The entire gang got in on the Permit action this week and took advantage of tough conditions.

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