Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report February 17-24 2018

8:38 am , March 1, 2018 0

The week of February 17 welcomed back two groups that are no strangers to the island of Punta Pajaros. The fisherman at Casa Blanca consisted of the crew that participates in the annual Osha Bonefish Tournament. Most of the Anglers make their way to the Yucatan via the Washington D.C/Maryland area and have enjoyed several years fishing at Casa Blanca. The wind and the light continued to be challenging so most of the Anglers at Casa decided to spend most of the week fishing the waters of Santa Rosa.  Kevin, Mary Beth, Chris, Mark, Howard and Alan are not novices to these waters and began their week headhunting larger Bonefish while hiding from the blustery winds. The entire group enjoyed Big Bonefish action all week with a few tarpon and snook mixed in. Chris and Allen finished the week with a productive trip to the Tarpon Lagoon casting at cruising fish all day and releasing a handful of Tarpon and Snook.

A little further down the beach at Playa Blanca Dan ¨Rooster¨ Leavens began his second weekend of hosting clients from his Outfitter in Twin Bridges, Montana (The Stonefly Inn). The entire gang had one thing on the mind, Permit. The conditions were tough and the Anglers had to endure a bumpy ride into E Bay each day but did manage to locate some Permit. The fish that seemed comfortable in the rivers the week before headed for deeper water this past week. The fickle Permit seemed to be tuned into the red eye Pato crab and Bill Barnes managed to trick a few and consume his first scorpion. Tyler B also added to the totals late in the week with a nice fish of his own. The Permit schooled up late in the week and provided some electric action despite the less than perfect weather.





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