Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report February 3-10 2018

9:57 am , February 14, 2018 0

The first week of February started out with sunny skies and light wind but the conditions turned difficult as the week progressed. Casa Blanca welcomed brothers Craig, David and Scott with Dad Jim from Milwaukee this week. Joining the gang from the Midwest was Brad, Gary and Jay as well our old friend Joe Dudra. Brad and Jay began the week by hitting the flats on foot. The duo enjoyed double header action on the first day while wading and enjoying the good conditions. Permit Joe Dudra also jumped on the fishy weather and boated Permit number 191!! Father and son team Jim and David took to the back of Santa Rosa early in the week with hopes of finding some juvenile Tarpon. Jim managed to release a nice poon and his son David put a few in the air as well. Brad also released a nice Tarpon later in the week when the wind was howling. This was a first for Brad.

Playa Blanca was home for the week to Dr, Mackey, his son Jonathan, his daughter Mary and Jonas fishing buddy Chase. Jeff Boies and Gary Kotts returned for their annual trip and Steve Holtz joined in on the action as well. The Playa crew took advantage of the favorable fishing the first two days and managed to release a handful of Permit. Jonathan and Chase had a banner first day that lead to several Permit releases and had them smiling from ear to ear at happy hour. Chase added to his totals the next day and Dr. Mackie joined in with a couple beauties of his own. Mary flew in from balmy New York City in hopes of some sunshine and fun on the water. She started off with a successful release of her very first bonefish. Gary, Jeff and Steve added to the success by releasing Permit as well. The week brought some challenging weather but both lodges kept their attitudes positive and managed to fight through the wind and clouds to enjoy some great fishing.

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