Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report January 20-27 2018

2:53 pm , February 3, 2018 0

The abnormal winds and rain of January 2018 stuck around for the last week of the month. Casa welcomed a new crew of 13 Anglers mostly from the Eastern, North Eastern, United States. James (returning to Casa after several trips in the Past), John N. , Charlie, Larry, Elliot, Barry, Robert G., John S., Dana, John K., Ned, Allan, Bob H., and Robbie H all buckled down on the first morning and headed out into Ascension Bay with high hopes that Mother Nature would let her guard down. The majority of this group had a strong background in psychiatry and it took all of their training to get through the early part of the week. Sunday was a complete wash out with high winds and down pouring rain the entire day. The group on a whole made the best of the conditions and primarily stuck to the sheltered waters of Santa Rosa for the week in hopes of locating juvenile Tarpon and Bones. All three Johns (John S, John K, John N ) managed to release Tarpon throughout the week with John S. sticking a few Snook. The rest of the fisherman stayed entertained  releasing Bones.

Playa Blanca opened the doors to returning Anglers Junior  & Diane from West Texas, Jim and Ben from Lubbock, Texas, Doc Thompson via New Mexico and Sue from Austin.  The Playa anglers also had tough conditions to deal with. Junior and Diane began the week targeting Snook and Tarpon in the back of the Bay and managed some success while the sun refused to shine. Diane enjoyed listening to her new TEXAS flag adorned Abel reel scream (photo on Instagram @casaplayafishing) and Junior released an absolute beast of a Snook that measured over 30 pounds !! Just to keep the scales aligned he also put the nails to a Permit in the twenties. Jim and Ben located a bunch of Permit throughout the week but had a hard time making them eat. Sue had some fun wade fishing for Bones and released and nice Snook and Tarpon on Fly as well. The life of the party “Doc” Thompson had to deal with some frustrating Palometa but forced a willing specimen to engulf his fly late in the week. Thank you to all that endured a tough week of weather with great attitudes and a bend in the rod.


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