Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report January 23-30, 2016

9:45 am , February 3, 2016 0

We continued with the Northern wind trends this week, with the first four days consisting of winds at 15-20mph and bringing the temperatures down a bit, then starting to shift towards the end of the week to out of the Southeast. Visibility was consistent with plenty of sun throughout the week, and the relative lack of humidity made for more comfortable days. In Ascension Bay, although cool and a bit blustery, anglers found clean water with good clarity, helping in the hunt. Anglers in Espiritu Santo Bay enjoyed the usual protection from the North wind and took full advantage of it. A good mix of anglers at both lodges, from veteran to beginner. Permit junkies were well represented, and both bays produced both shots and fish, with a tally of  7 landed for the week, several of them firsts, and two grand slams.  For those not yet ready to jump off the deep end of the permit pursuit pool, Santa Rosa provided refuge from the wind and fished fairly consistently for tarpon and larger bonefish. Tarpon lagoon was hot and sleepy in turns for tarpon and some nice snook. Some sizable barracuda caught on spin this week also:

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