Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report January 6-13 2018

9:37 am , January 14, 2018 0

The beginning of 2018 started out with blustery winds and rain showers but after a few tough days the new year did not disappoint. Winds ramped up to over twenty miles an hour on Sunday and Monday but by the time Tuesday arrived the wind switched and began to slowly trickle out of the Northeast. The combination of light winds and crisp, cool, sunny days provided a spark and the Bays (Ascension & Espirito Santo) sprung to life.

Casa Blanca welcomed father and son Gene and Faulkner Wilson from Atlanta. Both anglers have enjoyed years of success with the fly rod and demonstrated their skills throughout the week. Gene and Faulkner stuck to the bones during the beginning of the week then headed to the Tarpon Lagoon with guide Jose. The backcountry did not disappoint and the two Anglers enjoyed a day of success locating, jumping and landing juvenile Tarpon throughout the day. The skys turned blue and the sun climbed high so Gene and Faulkner changed gameplans  and targeted the mighty Palometa. Faulkner stuck his first Permit and followed it up the next day with another beautiful Permit on a shallow flat with Jose. Father and son also located several large schools of tailing bonefish and put on a show of double headers while wading. Congrads to Faulkner on his  Permit and welcome to a new addiction !!

Down the road at Playa the crew from World Cast Anglers returned to the island. The guys (Vance,Zach,Yong,Justin,Neil,John and Dave) started the week dodging rain and dealing with gusty winds. As the weather improved so did the fishing. The group for the most part were Permit intensive and John Fenn got things started with a 5 fish day early in the week guided by Jorge. The World Cast anglers did some damage throughout the end of the week with all the guys releasing Permit. Neil is a returning guest that has spent several weeks on Punta Pajaros and with guide Carlos rallied for a 5 fish day of his own. Yong and Justin put in some epic hours and Dave Hummond from Seattle ventured into Snook waters releasing several large specimens throughout the week. Job well done to all the Anglers this week and heres to a fish filled 2018.


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