Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report July 2018

12:26 pm , July 17, 2018 0

July began as we all expected with a shift in the weather towards more tropical scenarios. The wind died down and the afternoon thunderstorms emerged on a daily basis which made fishing a little challenging but with less traffic on the water on warm temperatures the fish were ready and willing to eat.

Peter Hodgson from Toronto, Canada. Peter was with us at Playa Blanca earlier in the year and had an outstanding week so he decided to give the Summer a go. Peter began his week with a bang putting up a three Permit day with his guide Jorge and then the Summer storms began to roll in. Peter spent the majority of the week chasing fish in the Backcountry and was able to elude mother nature and spent a consistent week of putting large Tarpon in the air and chasing Snook.

Next on the island was a brother and sister team from San Francisco. Scott and Emily. Emily was a last minute pinch hitter for one of Scotts normal traveling buddys and she took the the Salt with an energetic and positive attitude. Scott was chasing the elusive Permit and Emily enjoyed knocking several species off her list, including a nice sized Tarpon. Emily and Scott enjoyed the tranquil surroundings of having Casa Blanca all to themselves and the weather cooperated for the most part. It was a pleasure to spend the week with Scott and Emily and they left the island with good fish stories and a very tranquilo week under their belts.

Last but not least was the return of Playa Blancas good friend Dr. Brad Edwards and gang. The group is primarily from Houston with an addition of Damion Harris who visited us via Minnesota. Brad, Damion, Joe, Kyle, Trent, Cody and Jordan all came into the game with Saltwater experience and Dr. Brad is a regular at our Island retreat. The entire group enjoyed a fun week of fishing and the weather held strong with minimal rain and wind. The Permit were a little tough to feed but the boys got the job done enjoying several releases but the star of the show was new comer Damion Harris. Damion knocked off a Permit release his first day on the water then went on a Saltwater tare. When the dust settled Damion had released several Permit, a big snook and then headed into the backcountry where he stuck and landed three Tarpon over 80lbs in 3 feet of water!!! Congrads to him and he was all smiles at the Palapa Happy hour. Thank you to everyone who came to see us during July. There were a few thunderstorms, a couple of mosquitos (Emily), and a lot of fish.

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