Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report June 16-23 2018

11:43 am , June 23, 2018 0

Last week provided an exit for the tropical storm that was building above Punta Pajaros but it did manage to close off fishing at the beginning of the week. Once the skies cleared the weather began to improve drastically and the fish responded. Casa remained closed for renovations and Playa played host to some newcomers to the Island as well as a couple returning guests. Micheal Buck returned from Germany to fish with his good buddy Guide Andres and Jim Haun returned after not being back since the early 2000’s. Making up the rest of Jims crew was Rodney with his son Conrad, Neil, Ron and Mark.

Conrad (although new to the game) got things started after the storm cleared by releasing 2 Permit and breaking off a third. The rest of the gang also contributed with Permit releases mid week and Thursday was celebrated with three Scorpions making an appearance. Michael spent most of his time in the backcountry with the best of his days seeing 8 Tarpon in the air and landing 4. The Permit seem to be schooling up in E Bay rite now with the Northwest shoreline (the rivers) inundated with fresh water from the rains. Although this shuts down the fishery on that side of the Bay the schools have been marching down the beach on the Southside making for some electric action. The weather continues to be blustering but the temperatures are extremely moderate for this time of the year. Thank you to the Anglers last week they were a fun group to hang out with and a big help around the lodge!

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