Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report March 10-17 2018

12:17 pm , March 27, 2018 0

The middle of March found the anglers of Casa and Playa Blanca dealing with many different conditions throughout the week. The week began relatively calm with winds pushing from the East at 10 to 15 mph and then on Monday dipped down to super sunny and calm. The Anglers at both lodges took advantage of the light conditions and reported catches of all four species at both lodges. Barry Crume fishing with an old friend of Playa Blanca Jim Miller even enjoyed a super slam. It was couples week up at Casa with Susie and Chuck Jeannes and Kim and Doug Lannning returning o the Ascension Bay Lodge and joining them was James Cunningham from the U.K. During the great conditions on Monday Chuck released a nice tarpon and the others targeted big Bones.

James Cunningham was the Permit junkie of the group and missed a few good shots early so he had to wait for the middle of the week to pass to get a few more serious shots. Tuesday and Wednesday got tough with high winds a little rain and no sunshine. The group at Playa continued to pick off the species with a handful or Permit releases as well. Bill and Sally Priest, Rick and Janet Neville, Bob Clancy, Bill Brown and Ben Allen all contributed to more success after Barrys start early in the week. Back up at Casa the wind started to lay back down and the sun came out and James was able to stick his Permit on the last day! Thank you to everyone we have seen before at both lodges and all the new anglers as well.


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