Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report March 17-24 2018

12:22 pm , March 27, 2018 0

St. Pattys Day began with a blow and some chilly weather this week (well chilly for those of us who live here). Casa Blanca opened the doors to Chuck and Jeanne Tymstra who have been friends of the island for sometime. Chuck and Jeanne stuck to Santa Rosa for most of the beginning of the week due to heavy winds and did some damage headhunting big bones with good friend guide Pato. Jeanne managed to stick a Bone that was over 6 pounds her second day on the water and the two decided to try their luck at Permit fishing late in the week when the weather cooperated a little more. For the most part the winds were a steady 18 to 22 mph and the temps dipped into the ¨Chilly” mid 70´s. Wednesday was definitely the star of the week.

Playa Blanca hosted a mixed crew of anglers this week. The first were a bunch of burley, bearded anglers in from Anderson/Platt Outfitters in Dillon, Montana. Dan, Brad, Jonathan, Pete, Neil and
Kieth made up the crew. The whole gang enjoyed success on the water knocking off over a dozen Permit and ending a few long time NO Permit streaks. Mike Thom made his yearly appearance in from Nebraska and took to the Backcountry for the length of his stay. He spent his normal hours searching for Snook and larger tarpon. The last of the Playa gang this week was the Rusty Goff group complete with a birthday celebration. Rusty and Libby Goff, Black and Carol Carr and Billy and Wendy Atwell enjoyed a laid back few days sticking fish, enjoying good wine, spending lunches together and ending the wee with a Piñata B-Day celebration. Thanks to everyone for a great week and a lot of smiles.


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