Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report March 31 – April 07 2018

6:23 pm , April 12, 2018 0

Easter week at Casa Blanca allowed for Casa to open the doors to our good friends and repeat clients from Three Rivers Ranch in Idaho. The Three Rivers gang arrived with trip leader Lonnie Allen, her right hand man Nick, “Baja Fog” Pat, Chef Karen, Boise Rob, Gene (Bobby Knight), outspoken Dean and good friend Dee Dee from San Fran. The crew stepped off the plane and into weather conditions that did not disappoint. The winds blew East and turned South to Southeast as the week endured. The sunshine was intermittent but did stay lit for the majority of the time the Three Rivers Anglers took to the water.

The week began with Nick starting things off with a angelic Permit release. The fish found his way onto a gin clear sand flat and provided a exhilarating show by shoving his face into various rock formations in search of a crustacean. While foraging like a pig rustling up Truffles from the forest floor the Permit realized Nicks vise tied offering was in striking distance. The Palometa pumped his tail and darted three feet, stopped, charged two feet, stopped, charged a foot, stopped and breached his entire back from the placid water like a pair of shears ripping thru a sheet of saran wrap, then engulfed Nicks fly. The eat was epic and it will be a longtime until the image is erased from the memory of the fired up Boise native. The week continued on and the notable catches began to pile up. Dean was able to knock off a few firsts by posting his initial Tarpon release then hunting for Snook late in the week and catching 5 in one day out of Ascension Bay. Wild man Rob enjoyed putting a bend in the rod all week (literally bending it until it broke) but had a driving desire to stick a Permit. Success was granted to Mr. Mom in the middle of his Mexico adventure and later that evening he indulged in a beautifully prepared Scorpion with a side of Don Julio. Gene (always known to be a laid back Angler) ventured out each morning looking for excitement and action. Gene
enjoyed success all week long with Bones and Tarpon and concluded the week with some great Snook success. Karen and Dee Dee took to the Bonefish flats and newcomer to the salt, Chef Karen, became an expert throughout the week at sticking the Grey Ghost. Karen also enjoyed the cuisine the boys in the kitchen churned out for the duration of the trip. Lonnie took time to fish with all of her comrades and ended the week with a successful journey to the Tarpon Lagoon releasing a spunky juvenile Tarpon. Last but not least was Pat. Pat stayed true to his mission for six days with one
thing on the mind, Permit (and Margaritas). He had several hours of good Permit fishing but the finicky, finned, adversaries did not get a copy of Pats itinerary. Pat with his head hung a little low took to his room Friday night to pack up his gear and when almost complete whispered a small string of profanities to himself then he grabbed his stick and wandered down to the Casa Blanca dock. He realized that his feet were still in the Yucatan and he was not giving up. Two casts later he was tight to his first Permit and twenty minutes later he was ingesting a Scorpion with a Cheshire Cat like grin on his face!! A big thanks to the Three Rivers family that never seems to disappoint when they arrive at Punta Pajaros. Congratulations to all the Anglers and we can not wait to see you next year.

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