Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report March 9 to 16

7:44 am , March 19, 2019 0

This week at Casa and Playa Blanca we had tough conditions with an influx of a fierce E/SE wind. Gusts exceeded 20mph most days.

While conditions were tough we welcomed back a group at Playa for their 10th time and one angler at Casa for his 100th week!

Bonefish and tarpon fishing in Santa Rosa allowed for a little relief from the wind and many anglers caught good numbers of bonefish. The biggest caught being close to 7lbs. Most clients found a tarpon or two in the mangroves in Santa Rosa mid week. Permit fishing was a little tougher this week with a lot of chop on the water and 20 mph winds but clients at both Casa and Playa landed permit.

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