Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report May 05-12 2018

1:26 pm , May 25, 2018 0

The beginning of May began with a very good storyline, Big Tarpon and Good weather. The winds last week seemed to search throughout the days from the East, South East to North, North East but it never produced strong gusts or heavy sustained numbers. The clouds moved in and out for the Anglers at both lodges but for the most part it was one of the most productive weather weeks we have had this season.

Casa Blanca housed Anglers from North Carolina, California and Mexico City this past week. David and Jamie Shattuck got things started on Sunday  with a 20 lb Permit release and they did not loosen the reins for the rest of the week. Jaime posted a 8 Tarpon day and David concluded the week with a Grand Slam. The boys from North Carolina Cooper, Andy, Allen and Billy concentrated on putting a bend in the rod in Santa Rosa and managed to release a first Tarpon for Allen while Andy and Billy also notched their first Snook a piece. The large Tarpon continued to swim the oceanside flats this past week and returning client Felipe Nieto put the hooks to the Silver Kings. Felipe spent a steady week with guide Eladio putting large Tarpon in the air. Anne and Mike returned to Casa after a 10 year hiatus and found Casa to be the same angling destination that they remembered from years past. The duo enjoyed a fun week chasing Tarpon and releasing large numbers of Bones in the backcountry.

Playa Blanca played host to returning client Kyle Holt and his crew. Also joining the Anglers at Playa was our good friend Carl Herndon from Hilton Head, North Carolina. Kyles crew consisted of Kam, Christian, John, Brett, Jerry, Joe, Stuart, William, Tim and Robert. The week produced some fine Permit fishing with Kyle releasing a monster and Christian releasing a few of his own but the story was the consistent fishing for big poons. 2018 has seen a influx of vast amounts of Sargasso weed from offshore and although this grass has become somewhat of an eyesore it has developed an interesting inshore ecosystem. The drifting grass has become a haven for small grass eels. The Frigate birds have been swarming to eat the slimy baits on a regular basis but beneath the surface the large Tarpon have also been feasting. The end of the week produced calm winds and the Oceanside flats erupted with Tarpon action that mimicked the elusive worm hatch in the Florida Keys. At certain times of the day the Anglers were presented with a sea of large rolling Tarpon. The boys at Playa took advantage of the phenomenon and landed a handful of beasts throughout the week.

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