Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report May 6-13

10:16 am , May 17, 2017 0

An interesting week, both in terms of what was seen and caught and what wasn’t. Weather wise we had an average sort of week; midlevel to light winds trending mainly out of the East, a mix of bright and complicated skies. We are starting to see heat lightning off the coast in the evenings, meaning rainy season and mosquitoes must not be far behind. As a departure from the norm the winds tended to pick up as night came on. The moon was full this week, and fish seemed to be on the move between the bays. Big tarpon are starting to show up along the coast and we managed to get one explosive take off the beach at Playa, adding to cocktail hour entertainment. Fishing for our resident tarpon in the bays left a little something to be desired, but the backcountry provided a saving grace. Permit fishing was all across the board, a few light days and a few quite heavy, literally. A very special catch by angler Shawn C with Taylor Creek fly shops, and several notable firsts.

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