Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report November 03 – 10 2018

8:15 am , November 15, 2018 0

The beginning of November ushered out the more tropical weather patterns and began a trend of clear, sunny days. The wind fluttered between 10 to 14 knots out of the East and the clouds moved in and out but for the most past Mother Nature provided plenty of opportunity over the past week.

Play Blanca welcomed back the Watson crew from Chattanooga, TN.  Mike Dawes from World Cast played host to Austin, Don, Clay, Logan and Steen Watson, along with Peter Boehm, Chuck Foster, Kevin Wamack and Cody and Don Thomas. The week began with 2 veterans of the Espirito Santo Bay Don and Watson releasing Permit on the first day and the the following day Steen and Clay accomplished a feat we all dream of as Anglers, wading into a double header Permit release. The week in general provided plenty of shots but the Permit were a little on the finicky side. The end of the week seemed to put a jolt into the feeding behavior of the mighty Permit with Logan throwing in a double header and the final day awarded Clay, Steen, Don and Chuck with Black Tails. Chuck was all smiles with his first Permit coming on the last day.

Casa Blanca played host to Ron and Nick from across the pond coming to Punta Pajaros from London with aspirations to knock off a few species they had not yet conquered. Tom and Kleeman have become annual visitors from the Great White North in Alaska and Glen, Chip, Steve and Duffy came in from Phoenix and Texas to give the fishing in Ascension a try. The crew in general spent most of the week putting a bend in the rod and targeting Permit for a few hours here and there. The story of the week was the emergence of the Snook. The Snook that normally begin to show up in October have definitely made a strong appearance from Halloween to the end of last week. The boys from the U.K located and stuck a handful of Snook all week and boasted the release of 2 huge linesiders! Tarpon were also easy to find last week and larger fish showed up on the Oceanside providing great action for everyone. The beginning of November has brought lots of fish and great weather. We have our fingers crossed that the conditions will stick around and the fish keep chewing!


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