Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report November 10 – 17 2018

9:57 am , November 30, 2018 0

The middle of November welcomed back some familiar faces from World Cast Anglers in Jackson Hole, a few new faces and played host to the second week of fishing for Nick and Ron from jolly, old London. The beginning of the week set the stage for some great fishing and good weather but the end of the week ushered in our first large Northeaster of the year.

Casa Blanca opened the doors to newcomers Jonathan and Dionys Briggs, Mark and Marta Cadmus and Nick and Ron stayed on for some more action. Ascension Bay continued its hot streak with big numbers of Snook, Tarpon and Permit. Mark returned to the Island after a 5 year hiatus and spent the majority of the week hunting the mighty Permit. Jonathan and Dionys, newcomers to the salt, spent most of the week sticking big bones and Snook and trying to entice a few Tarpon into eating the fly. Ron and Nick spent a great morning putting large Tarpon in the air after releasing large Snook earlier in the week then jumped on a plane mid week as the big winds emerged.

The crew down at Playa Blanca consisted of a bunch of familiar faces from World Cast Anglers in Jackson, WY. The returning Anglers consisted of Whitney, Susie, Libby, Chelcie, Davy G., Brian, Roger, Robert, David Whitney and host Vance. The name of the game this past week was get the job done because the end of the week looked brutal. The skilled World Cast Anglers did just that. Sunday started the week off with a Grand Slam for Brian and a Permit release for Vance. Roger followed up with his first Permit and the Anglers reported seeing a lot of smaller schoolie Permit. Wednesday was the apex of Permit numbers with all of the skiffs reporting Permit by the hundreds but lock Jaw seemed to come with them. Libby put in a productive day in the Tarpon Lagoon releasing a Tarpon and Snook. The week then took a turn and the weather came in strong turning off the bite but Chelcie and Libby ended the week with a big cuda and large Snook release. Thank you to all the Anglers last week and it was great to see new faces and returning faces back on the rock.

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