Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report November 11-18 2017

4:15 pm , November 19, 2017 0

We experienced torrential rains and strong winds  to start the week of November 11th at Casa and Playa Blanca, with a storm worthy of having its own name.  Anglers were forced to take a rare down day on Sunday as the storm refused to abate. Thunder,  lightning, the way it moved us was frightening!  By Monday the weather began to cooperate and anglers were able to take advantage of the minimal cloud cover and light winds out of the northeast. Conditions got better with each passing day.

Permit shots seemed rare this week as the heavy rain left a significant amount of freshwater in the back of the bays. When shots were had, permit were not overly eager to eat even a well-presented fly. Still, anglers managed to land a few for the week.

The saving grace was solid bonefish,  tarpon, snook and barracuda fishing in the bays and backcountry lagoons. Cudas were plentiful as always throughout the bays and gave anglers an exciting fight, reminding us how exhilarating these predators can be, and how underrated.

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