Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report Oct. 22-29

7:19 am , November 6, 2016 0

Oct. 22-29 saw stout winds out of the North-North East for the duration of the week, turning coastal areas off color and limiting productive fishing areas in both bays, while overcast skies and clouds made for difficult light and visibility.
There was scattered precipitation throughout the week, with most of the light show drama happening at night, but at least one day with fishing departure delays due to torrential downpour. The rainy season has been almost nonexistent here over the traditional summer and fall months, but seems to be making up for lost time now at the end of October, a good thing for the thirsty land, but less than ideal for angling pursuits.
For permit, these conditions translated into tough and tricky, and as a result catch rates slowed up considerably from last week, though the lucky and skilled among us were able to get it done. Other species were the saviors this week; big bonefish in the sheltered mangrove environs fringing Santa Rosa lagoon, snook and tarpon in the back bays and inlets, as well as barracuda and jacks for additional fun.

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