Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report October 20 – 27 2018

7:12 am , November 2, 2018 0

The end of October ushered in the most consistent weather that we have seen this fall. The two large storms below us were well into the Pacific by the beginning of the week and the sun was high in the sky. Sunday started with winds blowing 15 out of the East and the wind steadily climbed down to light and variable by the end of the week.

Casa Blanca invited Bill Gooch who had not walked off a plane at Punta Pajaros in over twenty years when he used to fish our waters with his father. Gooch brought in tow with him a cast of characters starting with Tony and ending with William. In between was Bob, Gary, Frank, and Allen. This entire gang that splits their time from Aspen to Virginia Beach has spent plenty of time in the salt from Fly Fishing to sticking Billfish in the Big Blue. The first day provided a platform to shake off some rust and for Tony who is still learning the craft of Saltwater on the Fly it was a great day allowing him to land his first Snook ever as well as watching his partner Bill hook a few on his own. The Bonefishing last week was out of sight with the guys landing a lot of larger fish and partaking in sevral days of tailing fish. The Permit were definitely present in Ascension Bay last week. All the anglers located several Permit schooling and tailing. The Permit were very difficult but the week ended with Allen and Frank boating 3 grand slams!! The other highlight of the week came from Santa Rosa where Tony and Gary took to the backcountry and had shots at Snook and Tarpon all day. The duo released a few fish and put even more in the air, including a couple 50 pounders!!!

Playa Blanca escorted in several familiar faces last week. Jackson Streit from Mountain Anglers in Breckenridge Colorado returned with the usual suspects. Jackson back for his 29th or 30th trip brought with him veteran Anglers Jeff, Pat, Frank, Phil, Dave, Larry, Jack, Tom, Don, Kris, Wes, Mike J. And Rell. The week started off well with Phil releasing a nice Permit and Tom heading to the Tarpon Lagoon for a Poon release. The Permit seem ed to do a disappearing act in ESB during the week that may have been attributed to a massive full moon that lit up the sky but Wes managed to release his first and second Permit on Tuesday. Jack followed and Wednesday with a big Snook and the week ended with some smaller Permit being released by Phil, Chris, Tom and Don. Rell had the Permit of the week on a fish guesstimated in the 30 to 35 pound range but the wily adversary managed to spit the hook! It was great seeing all the familiar faces this week and faces we had not seen in decades. Congrats to all the Anglers this week and thank you for 7 days of a lot of laughs!!!


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