Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report October 27 – November 03 2018

6:16 am , November 7, 2018 0

The last week of October followed the fall weather patterns that we have been experiencing since mid-September. Last week provided a mix of conditions. The week began with substantial winds, clouds and periodic rain, and then proceeded to improve during the second half of the week.

Casa Blanca welcomed back angler Tench Coaxe with his fishing friend Andy Sheehan. Joining Tench and Andy was Mashu who came to Punta Pajaros for his inaugural trip via Japan. Mashu was the star of the show at Casa Blanca last week while spending most of his time chasing the Permit that have congregated in good numbers in Ascension Bay over the last 3 weeks. Mashu started the week with a small Permit then added three more very respectable fish throughout the week. Mashu concluded the week with a handful of Snook releases as well. Tench and Andy took to the backcountry at the beginning of the week and put the nails to larger Bones and a few nice Snook. Tench spent some time targeting the mighty Permit as the conditions improved but was unable to coerce his adversary into taking the fly. The beach Bocce Ball tournament got intense last week as well and Andy was crowned champion after compiling more points than Renan, Manuel, Pingo and Yours Truly.

Playa Blanca did the annual Mountain Angler Ltd switch over where as Host/Owner Jackson Streit says adios to half of his Merry Men and welcomes in a few of the Anglers Wives who take to the flats each year to show up the Men who have had a week to hone their skills. Jeff, Jackson, Mike, Frank and Phil stayed at Playa for the second week and Rob and Kate Keith, Carl and Sonny Rafferty, Pat and Rebeca Depole and Jacksons wife Fiona joined the gang. As mentioned before the week started out with tough conditions but Mike Flores stuck a Grand Slam while the rest of the fisherpeople spent most of the day hiding from the weather. The Permit seemed to have moved out on the Large Moon in Ebay and did not emerge in large numbers. The Anglers stayed busy in Santa Rosa head hunting large Bones and taking to the Tarpon Lagoon as well. Rebecca earned her Tarpon stripes by sticking a few in the T-Lagoon and ending the week with a large fish Oceanside. Rob Kieth finished the week with a Permit release of his own. It always great to see the familiar faces of last week and the Staff of Casa and Playa thank all of the Anglers for choosing Punta Pajaros as their annual destination!

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