Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report Sept 26 to 03 Oct. 2015

1:46 pm , November 3, 2015 0

If our opening week was a sign of things to come, we are in for quite a season. Weather was flat calm for all six days with mixed clouds and sun, and fish of all species were plentiful and willing to play. A big push of migratory tarpon was seen and thoroughly enjoyed in both bays throughout the week. In front of Casa Blanca cocktail hour each evening was demo time as a school of 40-60 pound tarpon crushed sardines twenty feet off the beach, margaritas were forgotten as anglers cast to and jumped fish after fish. Much larger fish up to 80 pounds were seen and jumped during the day on the flats. Some impressive snook fishing as usual in the fall, and 12 permit for the week with plentiful shots and chances. Fishing off the dock at night at Casa Blanca was full of tarpon and jacks, as well as some permit.

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