Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report September 01-08 2018

12:55 pm , September 17, 2018 0

Last week Playa Blanca welcomed our good friends from World Cast Outfitters to kick off September and usher in a new season of fishing that will carry us to next July. August was filled with renovations and projects and stayed consistently dry with an unusual lack of rain for that time of the year. The absent rainfall brought good news (no Mosquitos) but had all of us crossing our fingers for September. The first week did not disappoint the skies stayed dry but the wind did pump up to 20 to 22 on a few occasions.

Representing World Cast last week were the two Chang brothers, Yong and David with their good friends Chris Chen, Justin Jordan, Chul Yim, George Mendes and World Casts own Chris Littauer. The brothers and Justin had been to Playa before but for the rest of the gang hunting the flats of Punta Pajaros was a new program. The week began with large numbers of schooled up Permit swimming the bay but the weather was in somewhat of a transition from flat calm the week before to gusty conditions out of the Northeast and the fish seemed to react by being extremely tight lipped. As the week progressed the winds switched to their normal East Southeast and the Scorpions began to arrive. I f you have never had the pleasure of releasing your first Permit on fly with us it is celebrated by ingesting a liquor pickled scorpion with a shot of Tequila. All of the Anglers got the job done last week with a few standouts. Chul feeling pressure from his buddies traversed through the week hoping to get the monkey off his back as time began to disappear. He ventured out with his good friend David and guide Jorge but returned to the beach with his head hung low. The duo continued this ruse all the way through happy hour and dinner. At the conclusion of Desert Dave picked up his lap top to show a video of what he said was his Permit. The video footage showed a nice blacktail coming to the boat and being landed by Jorge. When the camera swung towards the Angler it was in fact Chul not Dave who had boated his first Permit. The lodge went wild and Chul choked down a Scorpion with a grin on his face ! George Mendes caught a beast on day five and Chris L. Enjoyed a great day in Santa Rosa locating poons all day and putting 10 in the air. Big thanks to the guys it was great seeing everybody again and fun was had by all!

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