Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report September 08-22 2018

12:03 pm , September 25, 2018 0

The middle of the month of September snapped the dry streak we had going this summer and began to produce conditions that were more the norm for this time of year. The winds stayed favorable but the clouds moved in and out and a few days of fishing were delayed until after lunch but all in all the fishing stayed good and the storms moved in and out without much intensity.

The week of September 8 welcomed back some old friends and introduced some new ones to Play Blanca. Rip Kirby returned after a few years hiatus and brought with him fellow Texans Hal Brannen, Nate Bedell and Mark Kent. The crew with Ripper decided they would get the best of both worlds and spend 3 days at Playa and 3 days at Casa. Accompanying them at Playa was Heat and Will, Mark Holland and returning guest and photographer Dick Pitini. The whole gang got off to a good start locating several Permit but the Black Tailed Devils were not in the mood to eat. The summertime storms added to the tough conditions the first few days but the guys managed to pick off a few Permit. Will and Heath took advantage of the slow start getting 2 Permit to the boat of the 4 that they saw all day. As the week progressed the Texas gang headed to Casa and the Playa fisherman continued to put up some numbers. Mark Holland fishing his first time ever with us was all smiles with several multiple Permit days as well as a few big Poons. Will and Heath continued the week releasing Permit each day and Heath ended the week with a grand slam that included a huge Tarpon. Dick Pitini stayed in the saddle all week trying to entice Senor Palometa and his hard work paid off the last day with 2 releases.

Up the road the Texas anglers tried to increase their numbers from earlier in the week but had a tough time getting the Permit to eat. Nate bagged 2 more but the group in a whole reported big numbers of fish but the Permit were acting like Permit. The third week of September opened the doors to our good friend “Permit Joe” Dudra. Joe returned to Punta Pajaros with one thing in mind, to release number 200. As Joe stepped off the plane he had 195 in his pocket and was eager to to partake with the challenge at hand. The first two days threw some curveballs at the wily veteran with some bad luck breaking fish off and pulling the hooks on other but day 3 they number started to fall by the end of the week it took Joe one day to boat 199, 200, 201 and 202 !!! To say the least Permit Joe is much more TRANQUILO heading into his 2nd week of fishing. Thank you to everyone for a great two weeks and Congratulations to Uncle Joe for getting the job done !!!!!

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