Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report September 23 – October 06 2018

3:24 pm , October 17, 2018 0

The tropical winds and rain of late September and early October continued to be a nuisance the past few weeks but they were generally for short periods of time and allowed the Anglers ample hours to get the job done. The end of September brought back our good friend from the Northwest Mr. Mike Ward who continued to add to his growing list of Permit releases one that is getting into the Big numbers. Mike was a solo show down at Playa fishing the Palometa. When the week was said and done Mike enjoyed a handful of releases and then jumped on the truck to meet up with the crew from Western Anglers that joined us a day early at Casa along with Joe Dudra and his good friend Eugenio to celebrate Joe’s 200th release, Piñata and all.

The night was festive and the Palometa Piñata (see photos on our facebook) was busted open. It was a kicking and scratching type of week for Eugenio and Joe as well. Joe added to his numbers now putting him in the low 200’s and Eugenio headed to the backcountry to put some Tarpon in the air and enjoy a bend in the rod. Gino also stuck a Permit on the last day of fishing after being very Patient and Perseverant! As we waved goodbye to Joe, Gino and Mike we sent the crew from Western Anglers (out of Grand Junction, Colorado) into Ascension Bay. Outfitter owner Ned Mayer and old friend Jesse Eckley brought the returning crew of Travis, Larry, Richard, Jon, Peter, Dan, George and Jeff. The week began with very light winds and Travis took advantage of the day boating a nice Permit. As the week progressed the crew enjoyed a little bit of everything George hammered a big Snook in the Tarpon Lagoon (his first) , then the clients took to Santa Rosa during the strongest winds to target large bonefish, Dan released his first Tarpon and Doctor Dick and John Hart threw in a few more Permit. It is always great seeing the guys from Western Anglers with their tranquilo spirit and amazing Dock angling skills!

Down the road at Playa the plane dropped of the bunch of fish junkie hooligans known as “the Gringo Locos”. The boys from Bucking Rainbow in Steamboat like to do 2 things: hunt Permit and have fun. It was business as usual for the motley crew as the Duty boys brought with them Mike Orsi, Dave, Colyn, Torre, Jan, Urs, Bashi, Kris, Rick and Johnny. The guys stuck to their guns and boated a good amount of Permit throughout the week including one at happy hour from the beach on a wire leader, triangle weight and power bait (yes throw out everything you know about Permit and start over). This crew always has fun and a few scorpions were awarded but the highlight of the week came on Friday when the Gringo Locos challenged the Guias in a futbol match. The Locos took a large quick lead but after Guia substitutions the bitter rival ended in a tie (depends who you ask). Another great week here at Punta Pajaros and the year is just beginning…..

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