Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report October 1-8, 2016

6:58 am , October 18, 2016 0

Week two saw a continued trend of calm weather and gorgeous conditions with the odd rain squall and nighttime lightning shows, while we and the rest of the Caribbean turned our eyes to the skies to watch Hurricane Matthew form, strengthen and ravage over Haiti and beyond. The wind trends, on the rare occasion there was any wind to note, were out of the North. This along with the scattered precipitation brought water levels back up in Santa Rosa. No reports out of Santa Rosa for this week however, as all anglers were permit-centric and so stuck to the bays.
We’d qualify permit fishing as on the upswing from last week in terms of sighted fish that lead to legitimate shots, and fish landed as well. In fact, every angler at both lodges caught at least one permit, with several grand slams out of both bays into the bargain. Fish sizes once again, were all across the board, from 5-to 25 pounds. Snook continue to be the reliable boys in the bunch for those who just need a tug.
The calm conditions allowed us to go beyond the reef with those anglers who wished to expand the species on offer, and all manner of fish, from Wahoo to Black fin Tuna, big Barracuda, Grouper and more, came to hand, some destined for catch and release, an unlucky few snatched by sharks, and the prime catches presented to the chef for table fare, which made for some amazing meals. Fishing off the pier at Casa also continued to provide afterhours entertainment for tarpon, jacks, and even some big bonefish.

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