Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report January 19 to 26

7:02 am , January 29, 2019 0

Late January arrived with good conditions even though the United States was full of plummeting temperatures, ice and snow. Our fishing week stayed steady with good conditions until late in the week when the winds turned north and the big fronts above us pushed a chilly , tropical squall our way.

Playa Blanca filled the skiffs with a bunch of familiar faces. Junior and Diane Seltzer returned with their good friend Doc. Cassie and Patrick returned from Marthaaaas Vinyaaaaaaaard, Terry Hudgens and friend Kim came in from Jackson, Steve and George from Pennsylvania, Paul from New Mexico and newcomer Greg from New Mexico (who lit it up). Sunday started the week off with great conditions and Doc took advantage of it boating a beautiful Permit that tipped the scales at 30 lbs. Paul also got into the action and released his first Permit ever. Monday kept the conditions sunny and clear and allowed Greg to boat the first of his 14 Permit he caught amongst the week. (Yes 14 releases). The week continued and the Permit releases followed. Patrick, Cassie, Greg, Doc, George and Steve and Junior and Diane all added to the Black Tail totals.

The gang on Punta Pajaros departed just on time as the island dealt with an enormous squall on Saturday night that brought with it 60 mile an hour winds and rain and a lot of last minute mayhem pulling boats and securing the island. At the end of the furry all was well and the Punta Pajaros gang prepared to get the new anglers out on the blue the next day.

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