Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report January 5 to 12 2019

6:52 am , January 14, 2019 0

2019 started off with a bunch of familiar faces returning to Punta Pajaros. The gang that has spent a Buch of time here knows the trials and tribulations that mother nature can bring and the start of the new year had it ups and downs. The week for the most part provided tough weather with a few breaks in between. On and off rain provided some windows of opportunities and the wind swung to the Northeast at the end of the week.

At Casa Blanca we welcomed back Mason Cox with his Grandson Joe, father and son Gene and Faulkner also returned this season and Mark Newhouse joined the gang. The group of Anglers began the week in Santa Rosa hunting snook and big bones. Faulkner and Gene worked on their Snook game which got better throughout the week and Joe worked on keeping his bonefish away from an unfriendly crocodile. Mark developed his saltwater skills by sticking big bones in the backcountry and put 3 Tarpon in the air when he ventured into the Tarpon lagoon. Friday brought the best conditions of the week and Gene and Faulkner took advantage of the weather sticking double header Permit for father and son.

Playa Blanca opened the doors for a group from World Cast Anglers that included good friends Brendan Mason, Tim Brune, Jim, Paddy, Willis Zach, Neil, Dave Hummond,Rip and host Vance. Most of the anglers represented Jackson Hole, Seattle and Denver. The Northeast winds can be a slight more favorable at Playa because of the way the island turns at the entrance to Espirito Santos bay but the guys did have to deal with the in and out rain and clouds. Jim and Willis started the week off with Tarpon and Snook releases and as the week progressed the Permit junkies began to pick a few off. Timmy Brune got a nice one on Tuesday, Zach broke one off and Paddy super slammed. The Snook continued to provide some good action during the questionable conditions. Brendan stole the show at the end of the week with a nice Permit release on Thursday and Friday. Zach and Timmy Brune ended the week beating up on some of the schoolie Permit. Thanks for everyone that ushered in the year with us and we will see you next year!

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