Casa and Playa Blanca Lodges Fishing Report November 16 to 23, 2019

9:23 am , November 29, 2019 0

WorldCast Anglers returned to Playa Blanca this week. The weather ebbed and flowed this week, the first three days were amazing conditions followed by two days of rainy and heavier winds.

Susie and Whitney made hay during the first two days landing 3 permit. David G found a permit on day one after a cold streak the past couple trips down. Chelcie and Libby both took advantage of the weather and landed permit. Katheryn a first timer to the saltwater spent most days chasing bonefish and hit a high of 16 on her first day ever! We look forward to fishing with this crew again next year.

The North Wind continued this week, bringing cooler air and mild conditions for the most part. We saw an interesting mix of weather in Ascension Bay, with some morning even dipping into the 60’s! When the prevailing winds are from the North, some of the best fishing is in the north end of Ascension Bay, so most boats were headed that way each morning. Although it’s a longer ride than fishing the southern end of the bay, the North side has lots of cool habitat that can provide a diverse selection of game species. This proved to be the case this week with our anglers catching a mix, of tarpon, snook, permit, barracudas, jacks, etc. 

Although the migratory tarpon aren’t really around right now, Felipe and Eladio managed to find a big 80lb tarpon cruising a flat in Ascension Bay. In addition, Nick landed his first permit during the week on a day of mostly crummy weather.  It turned out to be a big one! See the pictures for proof. Weather is back to normal again with the winds mostly being from the East. Lots of sunshine and mild winds should make for a good week this week! 

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